Searchlight Awards

Searchlight Writing for Children Awards is an international competition for aspiring authors writing for children or young adults.

Our purpose is to shine a bright light on exceptional writing. We publish it, send it out into the world, champion it and act as a stepping stone for children’s authors to achieve their literary dreams.

We can’t wait to tell the world about you and your writing, so the top ten stories from each competition receive maximum recognition. They will:

Feature in The Winners’ Collection, which is sent to an extensive list of literary agents and publishers who have requested it, to help your writing get noticed.

Appear, alongside your biography, in our Winners’ Gallery on the Searchlight Awards’ website, which agents, publishers, friends and family can access.

Be published in our annual Searchlight Awards Anthology, which features the best entries from all our competitions in the last year.

And, to top it all, the First Prize winner for each competition receives a generous Cash Award.

Entries are invited for the following competitions

Best Short Story for Children or Young Adults

Submissions from 1st January to 21st March 2022

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Best Novel Opening for Children or Young Adults 2022

Submissions from 1st March 2022 to 22nd August 2022

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Best Children’s Picture Book 2022

Submissions from 1st March 2022 to 22nd August 2022

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The artwork is by artist and illustrator Catherine Redgate.

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