Finbar Hawkins

Finbar is a graduate of the Bath Spa MA in Writing for Young People, and previously studied English at the University of York. He grew up in Blackheath, London, where vikings once made their camp, and highwaymen would roam the old forests.

Under an art scholarship, he attended Dulwich College, also school to P.G. Wodehouse, Raymond Chandler and Bob Monkhouse. Growing up fascinated with animation, TV, film and computer games, Finbar writes across lots of different media and now works as a creative director for Aardman in Bristol.

He lives with his family in Wiltshire, happily surrounded by myth and legend.

Website:  Twitter: finbar_hawkins

What am I looking for in competition submissions?

I think it’s quite simple – I’m looking to be transported. I want a bedtime story to spark my imagination, so that I’ll either plead for just another page, or that I’ll be sure to dream of what happens next. The best bedtime stories are the ones that you ask for again and again, because you find both delight and comfort in the world that they describe. So I want a story that I can’t wait to return to, like all our very favourite destinations.