Gill McLay

Agent, Gill McLay has worked in the world of children’s publishing for over two decades. With extensive industry experience from a sales, marketing and commercial side she is able to offer authors and illustrators incredible support and insight.

Gill has worked with small independent publisher, Barefoot Books, to large global publisher, Egmont.  She understands the industry. From product development to co-ordinating marketing campaigns with UK retailers, Gill’s experience offers an understanding of all the different roles and sectors within the world of children’s books that together take author’s stories from idea to reader.

Gill works with all her clients to ensure they are clear about the different roles within a publishing team. Her aim is to nurture and create supportive and successful partnerships between publishers and her authors and illustrators.

The agency represents writers of poetry, picture books, young fiction, middle grade fiction, YA fiction and non-fiction. It also looks after author/illustrators who write their own work as well as illustrating the work of other authors. 

Gill was the co-founder of the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature and now runs Events of Wonder with her husband, John McLay.

What I’m looking for in a novel opening. . .

They say that first impressions count and on this occasion it’s all about the first sentence. I want to be hooked in from the very start and transported to the adventure that I will be taken on. In your opening we want to meet your world and hero and I know it’s a lot to ask but if you can introduce your reader to their character and personality even better!

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