Katie Blagden

Katie represents authors across all areas of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s, YA, and Graphic Novels. Before joining the Literary team, she worked for Bright in marketing, with previous experience as a bookseller and as a video producer. She loves working with authors to find their books an audience, and particularly enjoys building lasting relationships with editors and authors alike. Katie is an advocate for centring traditionally underrepresented voices, and actively works to discover and develop authors and author-illustrators from diverse backgrounds. She is also dedicated to working with authors to realise their writing ambitions, including evolving them into new genres and age-ranges. When she’s not reading, Katie is a contributor on the Graham Norton Book Club on Audible and she also runs the Bright Dungeons & Dragons club!

What I’m looking for in a chapter book…

Chapter books are where children can become lifelong readers, when they start discovering their own love of independent reading. I love chapter books that instantly hook you with a strong central idea or plot – kids are super-critics, and you have to be able to draw them in with something intriguing, funny or exciting. I love chapter books that combine heart and humour, as well as strong narrative voices. I think the best chapter book writers also have an idea of how visual the stories will end up with illustrations, and plan their characters and scenarios accordingly – I love reading a manuscript and already being able to see how funny or action-packed a scene would look in illustration!

Website: www.thebrightagency.com

Twitter: @KatieBlagden @_bright_agency

Instagram: @katieblagden  @_bright_agency