Silvia Molteni

Silvia Molteni is the head of the children’s and YA books department at PFD. She manages her own list of clients, alongside selling US and foreign rights in selected territories in PFD’s children’s and YA titles. She also handles all audio rights for the agency. The Bookseller named Silvia 2019’s Rising Star. Silvia has a BA in Philosophy of Science from University of Milan and a MA in Publishing and Creative Writing from Kingston University, London.

Instagram: @PFDChildrens

Twitter: @sfmolteni

What I’m looking for in a novel opening. . .

I always look for a unique and strong voice from the very start. I want to see the kind of writing that can sweep me off my feet, hook me in and make me want to drop everything and keep turning the page. I love to be able to immerse myself into the main character’s head right away, as well as meet characters I can really root for and that I want to get know. I’m a sucker for strong first lines, original openings, clever prologues and strong/immediate hooks and concepts from a plot point of view.