How to Spot a Gweegle

by Jude Campanella. Shortlistee of the Best Children’s Bedtime Story Competition 2021

Do you ever get the urge to hug someone so tight?

To hug them and to cuddle them, to squeeze with all your might?

If you do, it might just be a Gweegle who is near.

But before you’ve even seen him, in a flash he’ll disappear.

A Gweegle has enormous feet and great big, dark brown eyes.

His face is always fixed with an expression of surprise.

A Gweegle is immensely shy. He’s humble, mild and meek.

He mutters very softly, but you’ll never hear him speak.

His long, blue fur is super soft, so soft it feels like silk.

He doesn’t like the daylight, but he loves to drink cold milk.