Little Bear’s Winter Wish

by Harriet Howe. Shortlistee of the Best Children’s Bedtime Story Competition 2021

Winter crept up the mountain.

‘Winter’s coming,’ whispered Mummy Bear.  ‘Listen… it’s whistling on the wind, wishing you sweet dreams.’

Little Bear poked one ear out of the cave.

‘Humph!’ he humphed.  ‘I’m NOT tired.  I don’t want Winter’s wish.  I want my wish.  My wish is to know Winter.’

‘Know Winter?’ puzzled Daddy Bear.  ‘What’s there to know?  Winter comes, the world goes to sleep.  Spring comes, the world wakes up.’

‘How do you know Winter’s there if you can’t see it?’ asked Little Bear.

Mummy Bear scratched her head.

Daddy Bear yawned.