There’s a Growling in the Freezer

by Eleanor McPhail. Shortlistee of the Best Children’s Bedtime Story Competition 2021

There’s a growling in the freezer

A rumbling-grumbling sound

I asked Mum what was in there

She said, ‘There’s no monster to be found.’

There’s a whistling in the freezer

A whooshing-winding yell

I asked Dad what was in there

He said he couldn’t tell.

There’s a crunching in the freezer

A smashing-cracking snap

I asked Gran what was in there

She said, ‘You won’t believe that.’

So I put my gloves and scarf on

Pulled my hat over my ears

And pulled the freezer open

To see what’s living here.

I trudge into the freezer

Snow crunching at my feet

A whistling wind surrounds me

I wonder what I’ll meet.