Disaster Tourist

by Taslin Pollock. Shortlistee of the Best Novel Opening for Children or Young Adults competition 2022

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Jasmine read the suspicious email and frowned. ‘Er? I didn’t sign up for this!’ She spoke to herself, confused. Her eyes scanned the identity of the sender. Donna Bennet. Familiar, but try as she might, Jasmine failed to put a face to the name. She was almost certain there was nobody called Donna in any of her classes at high school. Still, it was a big place. Jasmine exhaled, disappointed in herself. She may only be fourteen, but she thought she was tech savvy enough to refrain from opening an email from an unknown sender. At least she had not clicked on the link. The more she looked at it, the more it looked like a scam. Except, there was no mention of the price–yet.

She opened the internet browser and searched for the company mentioned in the email. ‘Drift,’ she said as she typed the letters into the search bar, ‘nothing but definitions and motorsport. No hits for a company. Weird.’ Undeterred, she added an additional search term, ‘drift, email scam.’ She scrolled down the hits. Again, no mention of the company on any forums warning about email scams. ‘Double weird. How could I have applied for membership of a company that doesn’t exist?’ Jasmine loved a puzzle. She re-read the email, looking for clues she might have missed. ‘Glimpse of my future huh?’