And Then

by Cathy McDonnell. Shortlistee of the Best Picture Book Text competition 2022


[Jealousy between child and cat depicted. Cat is sitting on adult’s knee and child is huffing.]

Single page before spread 1

[Child is pictured beside a pre-sliced chocolate cake. One slice is missing and the child’s mouth is covered in chocolate. The adult in the picture is cross. The cat is in the background.]

It wasn’t ME!

I didn’t eat the cake.

Spread 1

A bird loop-de-lopped in and stole the strawberry. I tried to grab it back but,

that cat did nothing!

And then…

Spread 2

Millions and gazillions of mice marched by and munched all the sugar sprinkles. I ran after them but they tripped me with their tails.

And that fluffball cat did nothing!

And then…