EURGH! YUCK! That Isn’t Poo!

by Tom Lancaster. Shortlistee of the Best Picture Book Text competition 2022

Spread 1

[The main character is a dung beetle.]

I’m such a fussy eater. Perhaps YOU’RE fussy too?

You might love chips or pizza; MY favourite food is…

Spread 2

[A breakfast table. The beetle tries some peanut butter.]


One day I searched for scrummy poo; the perfect number two.

But nothing seemed to taste quite right…

Spread 3

[The beetle spits the peanut butter out. Then tries a hot dog sausage at a fairground.]

[Speech bubble] EURGH! YUCK! That isn’t poo!

I spied a lovely steaming poo, in fact I spied a few. But when I tried to nibble one…