The Big Bad Blob

by Matt Cuyes. Shortlistee of the Best Picture Book Text competition 2022

Spread 1

[Louie is scribbling away in his storybook.]

Louie loved making up stories.

The magic of words and pictures brought his characters to life.

Spread 2

[We see the illustrations from inside his book. The squiggles look afraid.]

But one day, Louie opened his book and found his squiggles hiding in the corner of the page.

Spread 3


[The characters come to life on the page.]

‘Aaaaaaaahhhhh! It’s the Big Bad Blob! Ruuuuuuuunnnn!’

The squiggles dashed across the page…



They reached a giant splodge of ink and none of the squiggles could swim!

‘Oh, Louie,’ they cried. ‘Help us! Save us! Draw something!’