George and Maxwell go to the Market

By Charlotte Tulinius. Shortlistee of the Best Children’s Picture Book Text competition 2023

Spread 1 [The two boys are sitting outside their house looking at the wheelbarrow full of ripe avocados]

George and his little brother Maxwell don’t know what to do.

They have picked all the ripe avocados from the tree, but Mum isn’t well, so she cannot go to the market.

‘We could eat them’, Maxwell suggests.

‘NO!’ says George, ‘I hate avocados, and Mum really needs the money!’

Spread 2

Then, George gets an idea.

‘I can do it. I can go to the market!’

But the wheelbarrow is SO heavy.

Spread 3

Maxwell jumps up, ‘Let me help!’

‘You!’ George laughs. ‘Your legs are far too tiny to walk all the way to the market. I’ll have to carry you too!’