Milo’s Secret Jar

By Sarah Dollar. Winner of the Best Children’s Picture Book Text competition 2023

Spread 1 [Secrets are colourful, bright swirls in jars and bottles]

Milo collected conkers.

He collected feathers and leaves and books.

And Milo collected secrets−

special whispers that he had been trusted with.

When he put his ear to the open jars he could hear them,

giggling and hush-hushing.

Spread 2 [Maybe vignettes showing Milo hiding the bowl he’s chipped/Dad eating the last cookie]

Milo knew who had chipped the new fruit bowl.

He knew who had pinched the last cookie.

And he knewwhat Mummy’s birthday present was.

Milo was great at keeping secrets.

Spread 3

But one secret was different.

The misty swirls were changing.