Mummy Bernard

By Sue Newton. Shortlistee of the Best Children’s Picture Book Text competition 2023

Spread 1 [Bernard, a cockerel, is sitting on a golf ball]

‘Bernard, that golf ball is going to stick to your bottom!’

‘I’m playing Hatch, Mum,’ replied Bernard. ‘Oooh…that’s a good one…’

Spread 2 [Bernard now sits on a massive beachball. There is a rugby game going on in the distance]

‘I’m going to lay huge eggs when I grow up,’ he said. ‘I can’t wait!’

‘Well, the thing is Bernard…’ started Mum.

‘That one’s the perfect shape!’ he shouted.

Spread 3 [Bernard jumps on a rugby ball. A boot comes down and kicks it. Bernard holds on for dear life as he crashes into a tree]