The Tiger Feather

By Victoria Gatehouse. Shortlistee of the Best Children’s Picture Book Text competition 2023

Spread 1

One morning, the wind picked up a feather and carried it…

…across a garden

…down an ordinary street

…all the way to the park.

Alex reached out and caught it. A feather with bold black and orange stripes.

‘A tiger feather,’ he whispered.

Spread 2

Alex took the feather home. It was so light he had to keep checking it was there.

‘It’s a tiger feather,’ he told his brother.

‘Tigers have fur not feathers,’ scoffed Seb.

‘Not my tiger,’ said Alex.

If only he could find the tiger to give the feather back…

Spread 3

First Alex tried the library. He found books about rare and endangered animals. Alex hoped there were some feathered tigers left in the world.