Guess What?

by Rob Keeley. Shortlistee of the Best Short Story for Children or Young Adults competition 2021

‘Miss! Miss! MISS!’

‘What have you done now, Toby? Oh, now look at that mess! Look, egg all over the floor! Don’t tread it around, Toby, just keep still! Now, what happened?’

‘Well, I was whisking really hard, and I didn’t see the box – ’

‘Honestly, Toby, you know there was only one egg each. Now, let’s find some kitchen roll.’

‘Can you make these cakes without egg, miss?’

‘No, Toby. We’ll have to see if anyone else can spare you one. Be careful, everyone, there’s egg on the floor.’

‘We’ve got to make them, miss, it’s for charity!’

‘Yes, all right, Toby. Really… I don’t know why we do these sponsored bakes. We could have done another sponsored silence.’

‘That’s not as much fun, miss.’

‘It is for me, Toby. All right everyone, the rest of you can move over to the baking trays when you’re ready.’


‘Hello? Hi, Tommo? Yeah, it’s me, Garth. Yeah, I know you’re only on the other side of the climbing frame – yeah, I can see you. Hello! But I want to test my new phone out. Hey, we had a right laugh in the sponsored bake. Toby went and broke his egg! There was stuff everywhere.’


‘Hey, Kitty, have you heard? Toby. In the sponsored bake. He broke his leg!’

‘No! You’re kidding!’

‘No, they had to call an ambulance and everything. There was stuff all over the kitchen floor. Must have fallen.’

‘Poor Toby. Hear that, April? Tommo says Toby’s broken his leg. There’s an ambulance coming to school, and they’ve had to phone his Mum as well.’

‘Hey, d’you hear that, Belle? Toby’s broken his leg falling on some cake mix, and his Mum and Dad are going to sue the school! We should go and see him.’