Pocket Monsters

by Ellie Salkeld. Shortlistee of the Best Chapter Book for 5-8-year-olds competition 2024


Pocket Monsters is the first in a chapter book series that is Undead Pets x Stranger Things, of 8,000 words, with illustrations available.

Pocket-sized, mischievous mind-controlling monsters wreak havoc in Wrinkly-Hinkley-Bottom.

Did nine-year-old Quinn, wannabe cool scientist, grow them accidentally when he tried to make fake vomit from bathroom products? Can he learn to communicate with them before they gnaw his hands off? And why is the village full of strange men in sunglasses and dark suits, staring at the sky?

Chapter One


Hi there, I’m Quinn. I’d normally introduce myself, but I don’t have much time as SOMETHING IS WATCHING ME.

To be fair, who could blame it? For I am both a super-cool scientist and a super-cool dude.

Check out my cool hair! It just goes like that, I don’t need gel or anything.

Well not much gel.

Do you like my cool lab coat? I stained it black and drew on the skull and crossbones myself, to make it even cooler. It took HOURS.

Anyway, listen up. Something is here, inside my bedroom home laboratory, watching me.

Actually, do just check out my awesome home laboratory:

−Real test tubes, off the internet

−A real microscope which goes up to 1,200 times magnification which is MASSIVE

−Real glass beakers for experiments. OK they are plastic as I was not allowed real glass, but you can’t tell, can you?

−Real glass stirrers for experiments and they ARE real glass as Mum hasn’t noticed her cocktail stirrers are gone yet

−The actual spot where my methylated spirits burner goes (when Mum lets me borrow hers as I’m STILL apparently too young to have my own fire, massive eyeball roll…)

OK, that’s enough, too much envy is not good for the brain. I should know.

Back to the something that’s watching me. It’s over there under the chest of drawers –but don’t look or it will know.

It’s a pair of red glowing eyes in a dark shape about the size of our fat school hamster.

When I got in from school a while ago, I found one of my oldest experiment beakers, that had been on the Experiments Shelf with all the other almost-glass beakers, down there on the floor…