The Granny Snatchers

by Sue Meikle. Shortlistee of the Best Chapter Book for 5-8-year-olds competition 2024


Theo, Molly, Ruby and Lizzie have one thing in common, their grannies have all disappeared. Completely vanished! Now it’s up to the four unlikely friends to solve the mystery. Who (or what) would want to steal their grannies? Where have they taken them and what exactly are they planning to do with them? Will the four uncover the truth and catch the Granny Snatchers before every granny in town is gone?

Chapter One


Theo’s dad pulled his car into the train station car park, ready to pick up Nana Pat. But what neither of them knew yet was that Nana Pat would not be getting off that train.

Theo leapt out of the car with excitement. He and Dad had arrived at the station with plenty of time to pick Nana Pat up. Whenever she had been on one of her yoga retreats, she always brought back goodies for Theo. They were usually bits from the hotel, like slippers or teeny tiny bottles of shampoo. But sometimes there were sweets or chocolates or both. Whatever she brought, Theo loved it because Theo loved her. He couldn’t wait for Nana Pat to get off the train and give him one of her big squeezes.

The train arrived on time. Theo stood next to Dad as it pulled in and stopped. He strained and stretched trying to see all the cabin doors, looking for Nana Pat’s bright red curly hair and listening for the squeaky wheels on her little suitcase. He bobbed up and down trying to search her out from the crowd.

[Theo stood on railings that line the platform–straining to see over crowds of people]

People bustled as they filed out off the train, slamming the carriage doors shut behind them. As the people whittled away, the whole station became quiet and still, except for an empty crisp bag that blew across the deserted platform  

Theo took off his baseball cap, the red one that Nana Pat had given to him last birthday. He rubbed his sweaty hair and looked up at Dad. Dad, who was very tall and so would probably have a good view, was still scanning with his eyes all around.

‘What’s going on?’ Theo asked. Dad shrugged, walking up and down the platform.

‘Stay here, son,’ he said to Theo, ‘Nana Pat hasn’t got off the train.’