Woofy Secret Agent-in-Training

by Helen Addyman. Shortlistee of the Best Chapter Book for 5-8-year-olds competition 2024


Golden Retriever puppy, Woofy, is easily distracted and likes to jump into everything−head first! But when he discovers that his new doggy day care is actually Secret Agent School, he must learn to think first if he’s going to keep his school place and reach his dream of being a pawsome agent. Bursting with series potential, Woofy mixes secret agent adventures with relatable ‘firsts’ e.g. starting school, new sibling, and features an endearing puppy character with wide appeal.

Chapter One

Don’t piddle on the floor, don’t piddle on the floor…

That’s what I’ve been telling myself all morning. Well, nobody wants to make a mess on their first day at doggy daycare, do they? I mean, I try not to piddle on the floor anyway but sometimes it just sort of…happens. Sometimes, life can be just too exciting!

‘Are you ready for your first day, Woofy?’ asks my hu-mum (human mummy, geddit?). I don’t know why she asks me so many questions. She’s really bad at understanding the answers! But I give a big, happy woof anyway.

It’s gonna be the best day ever. I’m chasing-my-tail, jump-up-and-down excited. I’m a big boy now. Woof-hoo! We’re here!

I can tell this is the place because I’m a special dog with super senses. I can sniff out doggy daycare in an instant. Only joking. There are a few clues…Like the wooftastic dog-shaped hedge. Nobody could miss that.

On top of the gateposts, I can see two really growly-looking Doberman statues. Oh no, wait…They’re alive, they’re just pretending to be statues! I’m not scared or anything but I commando-crawl slowly through the gates, so I can enter undetected…Hey! The one on the right just winked at me. Maybe he’s not so scary after all.

A tall, thin lady greets us at the gates. Her clothes are covered in fur and she smells doggylicious. This must be her place. I bet she gives brilliant tummy rubs. Uh-oh, my hu-mum has stopped for a chat.

‘We were so excited to receive the invitation, weren’t we, Woofy?’ says my hu-mum. ‘The waiting lists for doggy daycare are so insanely long!’

Ooh, look at that grass. I want to run around. I love running around. ‘Can I go now hu-mum? Pleeeeease?’

My hu-mum isn’t listening, she’s still talking to the tall lady. She says she hopes I don’t make a mess! Honestly, hu-mum, it’ll be fine. I’m gonna be the goodest good boy today.